Precision SR&ED Security Whitepaper

Precision SR&ED takes pride in offering a solution designed with the same standards that the Canadian Banking Industry follows for online security and privacy. Our past experience in secure file storage enables us to provide leading edge security and peace-of-mind for clients that choose Precision SR&ED time management software.

Infrastructure Security

  • Designed and developed in Canada by Extreme Technology. Extreme Technology has 10 years experience in the IT industry
  • Website transactions are performed over SSL (same security technology used for online banking)
  • Company information is stored in private databases
  • Companies wishing to be removed from the system will be permanently deleted and provided with a documented report of entries (compliant with Canadian privacy standards). Other systems just mark the data inactive but it is never actually removed
  • SR&ED BlackBerry® application communicates over SSL to approved BlackBerry® PIN's only
  • Enterprise Clustered Server Environment ensures high availability and ultimate performance
  • Data resides in a Data Centre, located in downtown Toronto, and is not subject to the Patriot Act as hosting providers are in the United States maintaining confidentiality of your data
  • Offsite and disaster recovery redundancies in place to ensure ultimate availability and up-time

Software Security

  • Server time-stamped labour entries ensure creditable claims for CRA
  • Employees cannot view wages of other employees
  • User roles from Employee, Lead Hand, Financial Reviewer and Company Administration can be set per user with different access
  • Reporting is only available to managers and financial reviewers
  • Session time-out and account password policies in place to prevent tampering or unwanted access
  • Employees who are no longer employed by the company can have their login disabled in seconds while preserving their data