Features & Benefits of using
SR&ED Time Management Software

The Precision SR&ED online project management software allows you to easily track your labour, materials, expenses, projects, employees and objective evidence, satisfying core requirements to file SR&ED.

Web Based SR&ED Software

Web-Based SR&ED Software

Our web-based platform requires no software installation and demands minimal administration to set up a client account which makes it simple to manage SR&ED time. Employees engaged in SR&ED work only need Internet access to report on a daily basis. For users without Internet access, lead-hand roles have been created to allow an assistant or manager to monitor SR&ED time and labour.

SR&ED Blackberry App

SR&ED BlackBerry App for On-The-Go Reporting

Conveniently do all your SR&ED time tracking from your BlackBerry! With the Precision SR&ED BlackBerry Application, employees can update time, inventory, and more while away from their desktop, all in a matter of seconds.

Fast SR&ED Input

Takes Less than 30 Seconds!

SR&ED time tracking for eligible projects takes less than 30 seconds. Our SR&ED time management software is user friendly, incorporating simple tools such as calendars and drop down menus.

Email Reminders

Automated Employee Reminders

Employee reminders combined with a scheduled review each day will develop the strong disciplines necessary to maximize your SR&ED claim. Responding to these reminders takes less than 5 seconds if no labour need be reported. Notifications can also be turned off for seasonal or temporary employees

Export to PDF or Excel

Export Reports to Excel and PDF

One SR&ED software advantage offered by Precision is real time reporting capabilities, allowing clients to download to either PDF or Excel formats. Our reporting allows you to generate an income statement or performance graph in a matter of seconds to see which employees have been involved in SR&ED and your Year to date refund. This will allow you, as a client, to have an accurate measurement of SR&ED activities throughout the year. As a consultant you can monitor your client's refunds throughout the claim and become proactive in the collection of materials and labour required to file an accurate SR&ED claim.

Our Audit report function allows you to generate a time-stamped report that can be used during an Canadian Revenue Agency audit proving the ongoing effort of labour allocation throughout the year and providing a list of materials, objective evidence, labour allocation and expenses all into one easy-to-read report.

With our SR&ED program, reporting capabilities are available only to users who have a manager access role in our system.

Safe Backups

Compliant With Canadian Privacy Laws

Your SR&ED data is both safe and secure. Our platform is developed on SSL making sure all your information is safe and secure. In the event a client or consultant wishes to no longer to use Precision SR&ED software you can easily generate a report of all your activity and delete yourself or a client from our system.