SR&ED Consultant Savings

Consultants using the Precision SR&ED consultant software can realize significant time savings and the and have the ability to submit more accurate and effective SR&ED time tracking reports.

SR&ED Consultant Savings

Estimated Time Savings Per Claim

Item Description Estimated Savings
Information Management Labour Tracking, Securing Financial Details (i.e. Hourly/Salary Rates), Validating Time, Creating Rationale, & Tracking/Recording Material Costs. 45%
Objective Evidence Ability to monitor and audit 'objective evidence' for supporting documentation on an on-going basis throughout the year (once a month, or quarterly). Eliminates the need to forensically recreate supporting documents after the fact. 50%
Technical Writing Time With the proper supporting documentation at hand, SR&ED consultants will realize a significant decrease in technical writing time eliminating the needed to search for documents. 25%

Additional Consultant Benefits

SR&ED Claim Accuracy: Accuracy and effectiveness of the SR&ED claim climbs from 65-75% to a high of 95%, dramatically increasing the potential to get the full SR&ED amount for clients.

Claim Effectiveness: Sound 'objective evidence' combined with detailed SR&ED tracking/recording of materials and labour drives the effectiveness of claims higher.