SR&ED Client Savings

Using Precision SR&ED software conditions employee behaviors, resulting in forced disciplines for organizations to track, record and report on a daily basis. These disciplines can generate a 75% reduction in reporting time and allow a company to maximize its labour allocation.

SR&ED Client Savings

Estimated Time Savings Per Claim

Item Description Estimated Savings
Information Management Creating Spreadsheets, Managing Information, Evaluating Accuracy and Thoroughness, Creating Reports. 30%
Information Collection Pulling E-mails, Project Planning Documents, Trials Runs, Test/Measurement (all supporting documentation). 30%
Discovery Session Reporting Reduced Time in Discovery sessions. Detailed documents on hand would result in timely and detailed reports. 15%

Additional Client Benefits

Disciplined Daily Reporting: A client should see maximization in their claim by forcing the disciplined daily reporting of SR&ED eligible tasks. This discipline could realize a potential 10% or higher increase in SR&ED claims.

CRA Audit: The biggest return is the ability to 'sail through' a CRA audit with all the right data combined with supporting documentation. Providing sound evidence and a proven time stamped methodology of scientific research and experimental development labour reporting will reduce the occurrence of future audits.

Claims would be approved with a CRA technical or financial audit. This means the claims and refunds would come in 50% less time (4-5 weeks for an SR&ED claim filed with a Corporate year end - not a reassessment).