Precision SR&ED Software Overview

The Precision SR&ED project management software allows you to easily track time, labour, materials, expenses, projects, employees and objective evidence, satisfying core requirements to file and keep track of SR&ED.

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What can SR&ED software do for me?

Whether you're a SR&ED consultant or a company managing your own SR&ED data, Precision SR&ED's time tracking software makes online project management and collecting time and information easy.

  • Manage all your SR&ED Data in one place
  • Input SR&ED Data on the go with our SR&ED mobile
    BlackBerry Application
  • Save Time and Money!

SR&ED Software Features

Our SR&ED time management software was developed as a solution to an industry problem in tracking labour and expenses for critical SR&ED. Some of our main features include:

  • Online Project Management Software which requires no messy installs
  • SR&ED BlackBerry Application for data management on the go
  • Fast, Powerful and Easy
  • Automated Email Reminders
  • Ability to Export to Excel and PDF
  • Secure and backed-up daily

Please visit our Features and Benefits page to learn more about what the Precision SR&ED time management software can do for you and see how easily you can keep track of SR&ED information.