Precisely Manage Your SR&ED Data From Anywhere.

Using the Precision SR&ED Software is the best way to manage SR&ED data. Using our project management software, you can easily track time, manage materials, expenses, projects, employees and objective evidence, satisfying core requirements to file SR&ED.

Track & Allocate Time Invested
SR&ED time tracking takes less than 30 seconds per entry with our user-friendly SR&ED time tracker software and SR&ED Blackberry App.
Automated proactive email reminders will develop the strong disciplines necessary to maximize your SR&ED claim.
Export Reports to Excel or PDF
Real-time SR&ED time reporting available at your fingertips to monitor ongoing scientific research and experimental development progress. Supporting PDF and Excel formats allows you to easily generate reports to identify SR&ED revenue.
Manage all your claims from one web portal
Our SR&ED project management software allows you to centrally manage your clients' claims and proactively monitor labour allocation, expenses and materials.

Precision SR&ED Quick Facts

SR&ED Return on investment
SR&ED Consultant Savings

Consultants realize significant time savings using the Precision SR&ED time management software.

SR&ED Reporting
Audit Reporting

Audit reporting allows you to generate a report of claim details with accurate time stamping from time of entry.


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